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                          From left to right :Delphine Malaussena (composer),Laura Marret (machinist),

                              Léa Mysius  (director) AndJulie Billy(producer). Photo David Coulon



22.06.2020: paper to film,enotinterview with Mathilde Psaume.

12.2020: ExhibitionAFDAS / Pôle Emploi,    Don't be like!  ", The entertainment and audiovisual professions do not have sex,detailed portrait here 

17.10.2018: RTL, portrait written by Arièle Bonte: "Delphine Malausséna is a sound engineer, an exception in French cinema"

13.03.2018: VSNC and Madame le Figaro, meeting "Women and cinema, the next generation".

02.03.2018: Madame le Figaro, "Cinema, a women's affair...!" by Marilyne Letertre.

2018: Special edition Screen TotaL, "The craftsmen of the dream".

08.03.2016: AFC Letter No. 263(French association of directors of cinematographic photography),  "Cinema, talents to follow".


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