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Chief Sound Operator

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I was chief sound operator on the following projects: 


The revolution

French series for Netflix (8 episodes), John Doe productions, 2020


American series for Netflix (1 episode), Peninsula films, 2019

Cinema, plural feminine

Documentary for Canal+ directed by Patrick Fabre, Mon Voisin Productions, 2019

Fine particles

Short film directed by Anne-Claire Jaulin, Apaches films, Mon Voisin Productions, 2019


Anglo-American series for Sky (6 episodes) seasons 2,Sky and Peninsula movies, 2018


Feature film, dir. Carmen Alessandrin, JS productions, 2017


Anglo-American series for Sky (6 episodes) seasons 1, Sky and Peninsula films, 2016, 2017

Open at night

Feature film, dir. Edouard Baer, Films in the Cabin, 2016

Paris Willouby

Feature film, dir. Arthur Delaire and Quentin Reynaud, 247 films, 2015


Feature film, dir. Phil Gorn, Half Moon Films, 2014


Unitary TV for Arte, dir. Francois Roussillon, Fra Prod, 2014

The Antique Dealer

feature film, dir. François Margolin, Margo Cinema, 2013

Flowers for Algernon

Unitary TV for Arte, dir. Yves Angelo, F as in Film, 2013


feature film, real. Arielle Dombasle, Margo Cinema, 2013


Short film, dir. David Guiraud, Ad Astra Films, 2016

Alpha Pill

Short film, dir. Vincent Diderot, Ad Astra Films, 2015


Short film, dir. Grzegorz Jaroszuk, Ad Astra Films, 2014

Social Butterfly

Short film, dir. Lauren Wolkstein, Ad Astra Films,

selected at the Sundance Festival, Palm Springs ShortFest, 2013

Sunday night cinema

Short film, dir. Ludovic Girard, Noodles, 2013


Short film, director Vincent Diderot, Ad Astra Films, 2013

I will show my boobs

Short film, dir. Eduardo Sosa Soria, Vagabundo films, 2013


Short film, dir. G. Mainguet, Good Fortune Films, 2013

If the shadow was light

long-documentary film, dir.Vladimir and Yves Angelo, 2012

Snow Cannon

Short film, dir. Mati Diop, Aurora Films, selected at the Venice Film Festival, 2012

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